Culinary and Hospitality Internships in UAE, QATAR and BAHRAIN

As 2023 international tourism arrivals are expected to rise by 30%, this year more opportunities in the Hospitality and Tourism industry are open for valuable talents. Thus, AIW and its partner RMC Asia are glad to invite you to the Special Internship Project Hotels & Resorts (leading hotel brands worldwide ) in the UAE (Abu Dhabi and Dubai are among the 7 countries of the UAE), Qatar, and Bahrain!

This internship program is a unique opportunity for candidates to work in the hospitality industry of these countries. From the towering skyscrapers of Dubai, and the serene deserts of Doha, to the ancient beauty of Manama city, our participants will gain hands-on experience and work alongside industry professionals while immersing in each country’s vibrant cultures and breathtaking destinations! 

Program Details:

Duration:  3-18 months

Program Fee:  From $2,500 (round trip and visa fee not included)

Program Start Dates:

All year-round


Mostly in cities or costal resorts


Between US$200 and US$700 depending on experience and program duration, staff housing, meals on duty and local transport provided by host company

Typical Application Process: 

3 months

Program Details

Our Educational Travel Experience and Cultural Exchange Program opportunities are arranged in some of the most coveted destinations in Asia and the Middle East! Our partner Host Organizations, located in the countries that we offer placement opportunities in, are consistently on the lookout for talented young professionals who are eager to be a part of a professional international training experience.

Internship positions are full-time – students should expect to work about 45-50 hours per week and have one to two days off per week. 

The UAE is a federation of 7 emirates. Hailing the title of one of the most developed economies in the Arabian Gulf, they are known for their iconic skyscrapers, man-made islands, and modern infrastructure. Opportunities await those interested in the dynamic Emirates such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, and more!

This program runs year-round, however the high season runs from November to March. Interns may have the opportunity to work in other departments of the hotel based on availability and their interests (food and beverage, rooms division, human resources, sales and marketing).

The total cost for this program is US$2,500  and includes $350 non refundable registration fee, the organization of your placement, the visa arrangement with the hotel, your arrival support, your staff accommodation, your monthly allowance (between $200 and $700 depending on program type, total duration, position and experience), your meals on duty and your local transport. 

Program Eligibility: