Culinary and Hospitality Internships in Mauritius

Broaden your horizons by interning with a 4- or 5-star hotel-restaurant in the beautiful coastal region of Mauritius! Part of the Mascarene Islands located east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a diverse country, which draws culinary and cultural influences from Europe, Africa, and Asia. Mauritius offers a rich variety of international cuisine and clientele, making it a very interesting and unique destination for culinary/pastry and hospitality students to gain international work experience.

Program Details:

Duration:  3-6 months

Program Fee:  From $1,900 (round trip to Mauritius not included)

Program Start Dates:

2024: year-round


Coastal region of Mauritius


Unpaid, but employer contributes to housing costs, meals on duty and local transportation

Typical Application Process: 

3-6 months

Program Details

AIW’s 3- to 6-month culinary/pastry or hospitality internship program in Mauritius offers culinary/pastry or hospitality students the opportunity to intern with leading international hotels in Mauritius’ coastal region. Culinary/pastry interns will work as Kitchen or Pastry Chef Assistants to chefs from around the world, and hospitality interns will work in various areas of the hotel to expand their professional skills.

Internship positions are full-time – students should expect to work about 48 hours per week and have one day off per week. Internships are unpaid, but the host company usually contributes to housing costs (at least $300.00 per month), provides meals while on-duty and local transportation.

During the internship program, students will be accommodated in shared apartments near the beach and their internship placement. Transportation is typically organized by the hotel. Housing and meal expenses are the student’s responsibility. In remote areas, the hotel may provide free accommodation on-site.

This program runs year-round, however the high season in Mauritius runs from October to March. Interns may have the opportunity to work in other departments of the hotel based on availability and their interests (restaurant, bar and reception).

Program Eligibility: